With a 10% growth perspective, the IT market offers great earning opportunities

According to the IDC Predictions Brazil study, the IT and Telecom markets are expected to grow 8.2% in 2022

Anyone looking for a good opportunity to increase their company’s profits or expand the scope of business, investing in technology products is a great initiative. This is because the trending growth in this segment continues.

In a recent study published by the consultancy IDC Brasil, specialized in market intelligence in the areas of technology and telecom, the perspective for this year is that the IT and Telecom sector will grow 8.2%. Individually, IT should register an advance of 10.6% and Telecom 4%. The IT Enterprise market, made up exclusively of companies, is expected to grow 8.9%, says the report.

The data is part of the IDC Predictions Brazil 2022 survey, which anticipates trends and movements in these segments. . Also according to the document, in 2022 IT spending will be directed to strategic actions aimed at productivity and cost control, customer experience, new products and services, and talent attraction and retention. “The need to generate more business is inviting companies to rethink their priorities and, consecutively, increasing the demand for IT solutions”,explains Denis Arcieri, country manager at IDC Brazil.

Equipment sales also grew

And it’s not just the strategic actions in the technology area that are on the rise, last year the national PC market grew by 37%.

According to a survey by IDC Brasil, in 2021, 8.7 million machines were sold, of which 7 million were notebooks and 1.7 million were desktops, up 40% and 25% respectively, compared to 2020.

With an earning of R$ 36.7 billion in 2021, 61% higher than the previous year, the sector result was driven by B2B sales, which increased by 78%, especially in the area of ??education. The information is contained in the IDC Brasil PCs Tracker 2021 study, which reveals that, despite the excellent performance in the corporate segment, the largest volume of sales was still made in retail, which sold 5.1 million machines, an increase of 17% in relation to 2020.

As for this year, IDC estimates that sales will grow by around 2.4%, with a downward trend in retail due to high prices, inflation and a reduction in the most urgent demand for computers for the maintenance of work and study. In the corporate segment, growth is expected to be leveraged, especially by education projects and a stronger recovery in the area of ??small and medium-sized companies.

No-code solutions will be increasingly on

With attention focused mainly on productivity and cost control, the search for smart solutions that require less construction time and low cost will be at the top of the list of companies, as well as initiatives that solve the issue of lack of developers in the market.

Because, with the shortage of professionals and the high demand for agility in IT deliveries, an internal bottleneck is created in the sector, often making it impossible to develop simple applications to meet the routine of some departments, such as HR, for example.

That’s why no-code tools are the big trend in the market, because with them, anyone can develop a solution, even without any programming language knowledge. That’s because they have an intuitive layout, are easy to use and don’t require any language code.

With an idea in mind and knowledge of the tool, it is possible to create the most varied solutions, meeting the needs of the business. And best of all, in less time than the traditional method of application development. This means that, even without being an expert in the area, any professional can create a specific program for their sector or even the IT departments themselves can speed up their deliveries using no-code platforms for technically simpler creations.

Arkeyva, automation without code

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