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As simple as dragging and dropping, with Arkeyva you can develop the most varied types of solutions quickly and easily.

In just ten minutes it is possible to build, from scratch, a complete registration functionality.

Macro Vision

The platform is divided into four pillars


Designer: Platform module where the application is developed. Here, the data structures, forms, viewers, rules and all the necessary resources for the complete construction of the application are defined.


Viewer: Module where the application modeled in the Designer is executed.


Nodefy: Bus for complex integrations based on visual flows.

SSO (Single-Sign On)

SSO (Single-Sign On): Integrate Arkeyva with your user base or social networks.

The Platform is Fortress on three pillars


  • Create reusable fields.
  • Custom formatting of fields, such as CEP, CNPJ, CPF, E-mail, Telephone among others.
  • Request for access to the location on the device.
  • Preparation of acceptance forms, such as GDPR.
  • Profile-based access restriction.
  • Integration via APIs for filling screen components, such as lists, combos and text boxes.
  • Development of custom screen layouts .
  • Event-based rule definition.
  • Creating fully responsive forms.
  • Reuse of components such as fields, masks, views and forms.
creating forms

Vision Creation

Easily create views according to the desired filter criteria. With Arkeyva you set the types of views according to the access profile or permissions based on screen information.

Build managerial and restricted views using the same dataset, however, allowing managers to view all information, without any filter application, and for the work team to display with data filters.

Vision Creation


In addition to simple integrations via API to load and maintain form information, Arkeyva has a powerful integration bus, based on data flows using the browser.

single login

SSO (Single-Sign On)

Arkeyva allows integration with LDAP, Active Directory or Database servers to obtain your corporation’s login information.

Authentication can also be done from Gmail accounts and Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Need an extra layer of security? It is possible to use two-factor authentication and define policies for creating passwords.

SSO (Single-Sign On)


Security is an essential requirement for the success of the solution. Arkeyva has invested heavily in this area and provides encryption for all persisted information. But not only that! Arkeyva can also store the user’s location during information logging and create audit trails for all records maintained. Easily find out who created or manipulated certain information and from where.

Do you have a standard log structure? No problem! Arkeyva allows your log to have a custom structure and the desired information.


Common questions

  • Arkeyva fits like a glove on SmartRisk. We needed to develop a platform to serve our customers and one of the main requirements was the time factor. We received some proposals, but Arkeyva caught our attention due to the extremely short deadline. We requested a demo of the solution and were impressed. We quickly and successfully met the demands of our customers. SmartRisk Philippe Ferraz, Partner & Managing Director
  • We had a need to create a mobile application for our associates. In addition, for strategic reasons, we needed to raise the application within a deadline that the other suppliers could not meet. FábricaDS, however, presented a proposal with the shortest deadline. That's when we were introduced to Arkeyva. It was a pleasant surprise! Fast and practical, we managed to create not only the solution as a whole within the deadline, but any adjustments were made in a simple way. Fetrabens Everaldo Bastos, 2º Secretário
  • We asked FábricaDS to send a proposal for the development of a solution for risk management of people and vehicles. They asked me if I wanted a proposal with traditional software development or one based on the new Arkeyva product. I asked them to send me both. The difference in time and cost was stark. It was not difficult to choose Arkeyva. The solution was delivered very successfully. Any adjustments that we need to make in the registration screens could be performed by our internal operations team. OpenCheck José Galves, Diretor de produto

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