No-code: The Growing Popularity of Development Without Coding

The rise of no-code popularity is a high trend. That means more and more people are using development tools without coding to create digital solutions, ranging from websites and apps to complex systems.

No-code is a software creation methodology that does not require coding. Instead, users can use graphical interfaces and drag-and-drop elements to create their applications.

Furthermore, no-code building tools are becoming increasingly accessible, with pricing that fits small to large businesses. Driven by industry needs, no-code allows corporations to make, for example, system creation processes more agile and flexible, without increasing the costs.

In this article, we will explore the rise of no-code popularity and discuss some reasons to elucidate why things are happening that way. We will also look at some key players in the no-code creation market and see how they are adapting to market changes.

No-code solutions boost the business scene

No-code has been growing in the business world. According to various market studies, companies are adopting the no-code methodology to digitize their internal processes. That contributes to the brand-new popularity of building solutions without coding.

Today, those data show that no-code technology has a lot to offer to the business world, such as scalability, more productivity, end-to-end digitization, and a way out to the shortage of professionals, among other benefits.

Why are various companies adopting no-code development platforms?

To accelerate business growth with reduced costs, companies are adopting the no-code methodology.

Indeed, no-code brings innovation to corporations with non-coding programming, allowing incredible solutions to be easily implemented, and reducing the need for large development teams.

In addition, no-code can be used to develop apps, websites, business systems, and more with ease. That said, no-code is gaining popularity around the world.

What does the new Gartner report say?

No-code has become extremely popular in recent times, with companies finding out that low-cost support and the adoption of that trend is useful to the growth of their businesses.

According to Gartner, in its latest report, companies are adopting no-code solutions to escalate the speed of IT deliveries.

No-code allows organizations to reduce costs and improve the user experience. It is being used by more companies that understand its potential for the development of scalable systems, the elimination of internal IT bottlenecks, and the suppression of the shortage of professionals in the field.

Simple and intuitive tool

The use of no-code platforms is becoming massively common now, as they make the creation of digital apps accessible to everyone.

Thus, with an intuitive design, they allow the development of applications to be done without the need to know how to create a software from scratch, and they became the ideal solution for many modern problems related to digitization and digital transformation.

Arkeyva no-code platform

As we have said, the popularity of no-code has been growing significantly. That technology offers quick and accessible digitization for those looking to benefit from digital transformation.

Therefore, the Arkeyva platform offers flexible, secure, and production-accelerating no-code solutions.

Through a few clicks, both expert and novice users can create sophisticated software programs, integrate apps and automate processes.

Seize every opportunity to benefit from Arkeyva, and create your digital solutions.

Get in touch now and find out how Arkeyva can accelerate your software deliveries.

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