Data Management: Learn How to Improve Internal Information Security

Data management is one of the main challenges facing companies today. It is necessary to collect, store, and manage information securely and efficiently to ensure the success of the business. And that’s when the Arkeyva platform comes in.

In addition to enabling the agile and uncomplicated creation of enterprise software, Arkeyva also offers total security for data management.

In this post, we will explore the pillars of Arkeyva and understand how they can improve your company’s data management.

Pillar 1: Security

Security is one of Arkeyva’s pillars and one of the most important aspects of enterprise data management.

Therefore, the platform uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure data security, with encryption throughout the journey and frequent backups to prevent information loss.

In addition, it is possible to establish restricted access criteria for sensitive information and define who will have permission to view it.

Pillar 2: Agility

Creating enterprise programs can be a time-consuming and complex process.

But, with Arkeyva, it is possible to build corporate systems and applications easily and quickly, which can significantly improve productivity and efficiency in the company.

Pillar 3: Personalization

Every company has unique needs and challenges in data management. Therefore, Arkeyva allows customization of the software created according to the demands of each business.

Today, it is possible to add specific functionalities and create a fully adapted system to the needs of the company.

Pillar 4: Designer

The Designer module is the part of the platform where the application is developed. Here, data structures, forms, viewers, rules, and all necessary resources for the complete construction of the application are defined.

With Designer, it is possible to create customized applications to meet the specific needs of your company. And with the no-code development methodology, even a user without advanced technical knowledge in programming can create a digital solution.

Pillar 5: Viewer

The Viewer module is where the application modeled in Designer is executed. With Viewer, it is possible to view and interact with the applications created in Designer, allowing quick and efficient access to data.

Pillar 6: Nodefy – A powerful integration tool

Nodefy is an integration bus based on visual flows, allowing complex interactions between different corporate systems.

With Nodefy, it is easy to integrate Arkeyva with other platforms and services, so you can have a complete view of your data in one place.

This way, you can focus on analysis and decision-making, instead of worrying about integrating and transferring data between different corporate systems.

The integration bus of Nodefy is based on visual flows, which means you can easily create, view, and manage your integrations in a graphical and intuitive environment. This makes the integration of corporate systems much easier and faster, without having to write codes or worry about complicated technical details.

Pillar 7: SSO (Single-Sign On) – Authentication and Security

SSO (Single-Sign On) is an authentication and security technology that allows users to authenticate in different corporate systems and applications using a single account.

In other words, they don’t need to have more than one ID to access the platform. Once logged in to any corporate system, Arkeyva will identify the active login and enter it automatically.

Arkeyva supports integration with LDAP servers, Active Directory, or Databases for enterprise user authentication.

Moreover, it is possible to authenticate user accounts from Gmail and Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Arkeyva also allows for the use of two-factor authentication and password creation policies, providing an extra layer of security for the information stored on the platform.

Pillar 8: Create smart and dynamic fields with rules in Arkeyva forms

Rules in forms are one of Arkeyva’s powerful features that allow for the creation of smart and dynamic fields in your forms.

With this tool, it is possible to configure rules that will be triggered based on specific events, such as filling out fields, clicking buttons, or saving the form.

By defining an event, you can establish a series of conditions that must be met for a particular action to be executed. This makes forms more personalized and efficient, allowing you to collect the information you need quickly and accurately.

For example, you can create a rule that, when filling out the ZIP code field, triggers an integration with the Postal Service to automatically fill in the Street, Neighborhood, and City fields. Or create a rule that, when choosing the option of Natural Person or Legal Entity in a specific field, displays different fields for each of the chosen options.

With rules in Arkeyva forms, it is possible to create smarter and more efficient forms that adapt to the needs of your company and your customers.

Pillar 9: Manage your records efficiently using Arkeyva Views

Views are extremely useful for data visualization, as they allow for the organization and filtering of records displayed on the screen. With this, it is possible to find specific information quickly and easily.

In Arkeyva, Views are highly customizable, allowing the user to define the columns that will be displayed, the filtering conditions, and the ordering of the results. Additionally, it is possible to add custom buttons to perform specific actions on one or more selected records.

Another great advantage of Views is the possibility of sharing them with other system users.

When creating a View, it is possible to define access permissions for each user profile, ensuring that only the necessary information is made available to each one.

With Arkeyva Views, record management becomes easier, faster, and safer, ensuring that company information is always organized and accessible for decision-making.

Invest in the security and efficiency of enterprise data management with Arkeyva

Data management is essential for the success of companies, but it is also necessary to ensure the security of this information.

With Arkeyva’s pillars, it is possible to create enterprise software with total security, agility, and customization. It’s time to invest in increasingly secure and efficient corporate systems to ensure the protection and efficiency of enterprise data.

Do you want to learn more about Arkeyva‘s pillars and how they can improve your company’s data management? Contact us and discover how we can help you ensure the security of your enterprise information.

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