What is no-code?

No-code is a software development approach that does not require programming skills to build things that only specialists could previously do, such as apps, business internal tools, websites, bots, and much more.

In a time when demand for digital solutions far exceeds the supply of professionals, no-code development tools are helping many companies and individuals overcome this shortage of developers.


The process of creating systems, workflow automation, websites, apps, and software in general without the use of conventional coding is known as “no-code development”, or no-code.

No-code platforms allow non-programmers to create everything from a simple to a more complex application, or even a complete mobile application, automating repetitive and everyday tasks that only specialists could do before.

Therefore, no-code development platforms are great facilitators of the democratization of software development, as well as saving time and money for companies and investors.

Benefits of no-code development

No-code creation tools are becoming popular (mainly among the developer community) for the following reasons:

No barriers (anyone can build)

No-code tools offer visual interfaces with simple drag-and-drop functionality, making them very easy to use and accessible to professionals with no programming language knowledge.

Because of this, training needs are limited to a basic understanding of how these platforms work without requirements for coding, that is, without having to type a line of code.

For example, any professional with training in areas not related to IT can take advantage of these no-code tools and create a program, app, or any other resource to solve an internal problem of a business or even improve a process by making it automated.

Very low initial costs

It goes without saying that developing custom apps the traditional way, by typing programming codes, is super expensive, besides being time-consuming and having a shortage of specialized professionals in the field.

To create your registration system, for example, or a financial pipeline, it may be necessary to hire front-end and back-end developers, business analysts, security consultants, infrastructure, and/or cloud specialists.

As no-code platforms are easy and accessible to use, you only need to cover the nominal subscription fee of the tool.

A lot of autonomy

No-code tools do not offer barriers to entry for new professionals. They benefit non-technical audiences, allowing the construction of solutions with only an understanding of the platform and the business needs.

To specialists, they offer more autonomy to integrate systems, as well as to update or modify the application easily and quickly, without compromising human and financial resources.

Corporations no longer have to wait for specialists or manage queues to start their development projects. They can be done collaboratively, through the so-called citizen developers, or even by the technology teams quickly, without compromising the progress of other activities or even occupying a specialist who could be engaged in a project of greater relevance to the company.

Unmatched levels of flexibility

Traditional coding has the disadvantage of not being able to change a resource at any time and easily – it is similar to moving a skyscraper after it is fully built.

But with no-code, it’s like playing with Lego blocks. If something needs to be changed, you can modify it in hours, if not minutes.


No-code platforms can allow functional teams and users to create and share solutions on the internet very quickly. What could previously take months or years, today can take only hours or days.

No-code is becoming popular

There’s no denying that more and more solutions produced in no-code tools will be released, and the development of applications on these platforms will become increasingly popular as small to large companies have already realized the advantages of no-code creations, such as their agility and low cost.

According to a recent Gartner study, 75% of large companies will use at least four no-code development tools for IT application development and citizen development initiatives by 2024.
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