No-Code: a definitive article on whether you should use it in your company or not

The world is digital. Today, it’s practically impossible to think of business routines without the use of some solution, right? That’s why many facilities exist to help in day-to-day activities for the creation of specific tools for businesses. One of them is the possibility of using no-code.

However, many still have a view that it is insecure or not advantageous, in fact, for the company. But what is the truth? Should you use no-code in your business or not? These are valid questions, and we want to help you resolve them and identify what is best for your business.

Do you know about the no-code development technology? If not, in this definitive article, you will learn everything you need to know about the subject.

Demystifying No-Code

Firstly, we need to understand what no-code is and demystify it. As the name suggests, it is the possibility of developing a solution without the need for manual coding by a developer. Ok, but how does it work?

In this case, a platform made for this purpose is used, which has modules of functionalities that can be adopted for the solution. You can select what makes the most sense for your business and customize the application according to your needs.

That is, a person who does not have programming knowledge can carry out the process of developing a solution to be used in their company through this tool. And this applies to both a user without programming knowledge, as well as an expert who, among others, can develop their projects much more quickly, efficiently, and securely.

Can no-code be used in more robust development projects?

The answer is yes! Although some people view the use of no-code with a negative perspective, thinking that the lack of a coding process would prevent bug and fault corrections or that the methodology is only for simple projects, such as web and apps, this is not true. Many more robust and complex projects can indeed benefit from this mode of creation.

It is also possible to develop solutions for all sectors. For example, you can use a no-code platform to create an app integrated with your business e-commerce, making it easier for customers to shop online, as well as to create an integrated financial information tool, providing data for all corresponding sectors, allowing for better workflow, as well as agility and security of processes. That is, no-code is made for everyone!

What is the importance of having complete no-code platforms?

No-code is a true revolution by facilitating the process of creating solutions. Professionals who are not specialized in coding can quickly create solutions, in a few steps, with quality and security for their company. Development experts can meet pent-up demands, as well as accelerate project deliveries by over 70%, in addition to building innovative solutions.

Some of the advantages of having complete no-code platforms are:

  • Flexibility in projects
  • Agility to have the solution in hand
  • Better cost-benefit
  • Security for your company’s data
  • Facilitated visualization for managers to understand how the solution is working

How can Arkeyva help with no-code solution development?

Arkeyva is the most complete no-code platform on the market. In a simple, intuitive, and secure way, you will have the possibility to build a solution from scratch, tailored to your business, with extremely low development costs and high productivity. Our platform is dynamic, focused on delivering results, and promoting greater agility. Even those who have never programmed can create a complete, robust, and efficient solution. And if you need it, we offer all the support to help you in this process.

Start modernizing your company now: test our platform for free and see how no-code can accelerate your company’s digital transformation.

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